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Makeup Artist It is your Day and it is your time to enhance and show your beauty and glow, as all eyes will be glued to you and you will want to look radiantly beautiful. As it is a fact that the majority of brides find themselves pulled in every direction on their wedding day and then commenting afterwards that the day just flew by. Finding time to do your own makeup isn't realistic therefore let the Professional Makeup Artist work on your face while someone else works on your hair or fingernails.

With increasing awareness, even the Grooms are inclined towards looking the Best not only in terms of the attire but also with a little touch up by the Professional Makeup Artist and Hair stylist. When the Bride gets ready as a Princess for the Groom, the Groom also walks in like a Prince for his Princess.

Why professional artist for Makeup and Hair do? Well it is because
  • The makeup artists are aware about the level of makeup to apply ensuring that it lasts the duration of your wedding. They have the skill to apply many lasting layers of water proof makeup and still make it look natural - From ethnic, to glamorous to contemporary.
  • The Hair dresser who enhances and compliments the Makeup and the Attire.

A quick guide to look-out for when trying to decide on your Make up:
Consider the time of the Day: Your Make up should be according to the Event. If it is a Sangeet function, you should go for the light day make up. If it is a Wedding, you should go for striking natural make up.   ©   2023
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